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Last summer a group of Naturists got together for a day in the woods.    As they began their naked journey through forest, they came across some horse back riders who were kind enough to provide horseback riding to the Naturists.   


 Alla, pictured to the left, was the first to hop on.  She explains, "I've seen horses on the beach and in movies but this was my first time to ride one.   I would love to do it again".    She got that opportunity, as the following summer, she and her Naturist girlfriends spent the day at a horse ranch learning how to tack and ride horses (that can be seen in the video When Horses and Naturists Meet at )

The Naturist society that these girls belong to has been in existence for 200 years, and connects itself with ancient local pagan tribes from thousands of years ago.    These Naturists celebrate the same festivals and holidays as their ancient ancestors did.


Below are more pictures of the girls as they learn to ride horses for the first time.    Later, the continue their trek into the woods for a Naturist Camp.   That part can be found on the RussianBare DVD "Karellian Lakes".

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